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Printer Consumables, Toners, Drum and Ink Cartridges Each brand and model of printer uses a specific type of cartridge. Ink jet cartridges are given an identification number and the models that can use this particular cartridge, is listed. Today, there is a wide variety of cartridges available, and users should check their printer’s manual to see exactly what cartridges are available for their specific printer.

Selecting the best Ink ink jet cartridge requires a number of factors for consideration. One must take a look not only at the features but also costs and benefits that are tied up with them.

All the consumables you require to optimise your office efficiency

  • Toner, Ink Cartridges, Drum, Fax film roll, etc

  • Brother, HP, Canon, Epson, Panasonic and Samsung are top in our priority for Toner/Ink Cartridges

  • Fax film rolls, Fax thermal paper, Typewriter Ribbons and correction tape adds extra support for one stop shop requisition

  • Paper, Alkaline Batteries, and recording media like DVD+R, DVR-R etc provides an added momentum to complete our full range


Recycle and Go Green

Now that you’ve got your new toner cartridge installed and functioning, don’t just throw your old one in the trash. Go green. Many cartridge manufacturers, including HP and others, have recycling programs for old cartridges. The company will reuse some of the parts when making new cartridges, which decreases the amount of waste that goes into landfills and also lessens the need to harvest raw materials to generate completely new cartridges.

Find the right cartridge / toner for my Printer

A guide and ready reckoner to find which toner/ink cartridge or drum your printer uses, and also check the advantage / cost savings of high capacity toners and ink cartridges

Click the Printer / Fax / MFC brand you use


There are different types of Notebooks. Each has its own pros and cons. It depends on you which one is best suited for you. Some of the types of notebook are given below.


Ultraportables systems are so light and small that you'll hardly know they're in your laptop bag. The smallest ultraportable is sometimes referred to as sub-notebooks having 10-inch displays and confined keyboards.

• 2kg or less
• Less than 20mm thick
• Little displays (12 inches or smaller)
• Slower mobile processors, less memory, and smaller hard drives
• No internal DVD drives
• Ports are very less


A thin-and-light offers the best balance between portability, performance, and features, particularly for business travelers.

• 1.8 to 3kg
• Less than 40mm thick
• Medium sized displays (12 to 14 inches)
• Powerful mobile processors, lots of memory, spacious hard drives
• One internal DVD drive (some hot swappable)
• All standard ports

Mainstream or value notebooks

This notebooks bring the performance and features that most users need without all the stuff they don't. Though these devices are a bit lighter and smaller than desktop replacements, mainstream notebooks still aren't suitable for business travelers.

• 2.5 to 4kg
• Approximately 40mm thick
• 14-inch display or larger
• Value mobile processors, base amounts of memory, and small hard drives
• Standard DVD drives
• All standard ports

Netbooks (also called mini notebooks or subnotebooks) are a rapidly evolving category of small, light and inexpensive laptop computers suited for general computing and accessing web-based applications; they are often marketed as "companion devices," that is, to augment a user's other computer access.

Netbook users typically rely on online applications and services which do not require powerful hardware on the local computer. Some netbooks do not even have a conventional hard drive. Such netbooks use solid-state storage devices instead, as these require less power, are lighter and generally more shock-resistant, but with much less storage capacity (such as 32/64/128GB compared to the 160GB hard drives typical of netbooks). They also can be much smaller than an average 2.5" laptop hard-disk, as they do not have to resemble a hard-disk, they can be in the form of a small chip, or several small chips, comparable to what is inside an USB memory stick. On netbooks, which generally have no optical disk drive, application software is typically transferred over a network or read from a USB device. An external hard disk drive can be used with a USB port.

A netbook will run any software that its operating system supports. Since the hardware architecture is similar to personal computers, it was easy to port the major, contemporary operating systems to the netbook, and thus achieve machine independence and transparency for their applications. Some vendors provide dual choices for consumers to choose fromeither Linux or Windows XP / Win 7 starter edition. All netbooks on the market today support Wi-Fi wireless networking and many can be used on mobile telephone networks with data capability (for example, 3G). Mobile data plans are supplied under contract in the same way as mobile telephones. Some also include ethernet and/or modem ports, for broadband or dial-up Internet access, respectively.

"For a large amount of people in business, all they really need is e-mail and web access, and that’s what these things do…. It’s a lightweight PC
that’s a perfectly usable tool."

6 Reasons to Buy a Netbook


5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Netbook


DECT phones work from a base station, usually with a single handset. Some DECT phone models allow additional handsets to be added to the base station. You can also have additional cordless handsets in different areas of the house. This is ideal if you have a home office or work from home. DECT phones are also excellent if you have a large garden and want to take your phone outside with you.

Panasonic KX-TG8280CXT
Siemens Gigaset A380
Panasonic Dect KX-TG1311CX
Philips Dect CD1502B

The range of the handset will depend on the phone itself. The point of the cordless phone is that you can walk around free from the base station. Most cordless phones have a range of around 300 meters (about 984 feet), but new digital technology is being upgraded daily to expand that range.

You can also talk to another person within the house using DECT phones, rather like a walkie talkie device. Battery life will depend on the amount of money you spend on the phone. More expensive handsets allow you to talk for around eight hours with a single charge up. When not in use, the handsets can retain a charge for around 100 hours. Most DECT phones have a battery alert device that signals when battery power is low.

Panasonic, Siemens, and Philips are the major brands, followed by other promising brands like Uniden, GE etc

Feeling the pulse of the DECT Phone market, reveals interesting models and features, fancy in design, varied in colours, and can fit into the ambience of the most palatial houses.

Many more with stunning features are for you to see and admire


No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Interference

Transmitting at 1.9 GHz, DECT cordless phones do not interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless devices that use unlicensed industrial bands (see ISM band), which is why DECT phone vendors boast "interference free" products. DECT transmits in 32 Kbps TDMA channels and DECT phones can handle up to 12 channels (12 simultaneous calls). Using dual-mode handsets, DECT coexists with GSM cellphones.

CAT-iq (Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet and Quality) is the successor to DECT. It enables the cordless phone to switch automatically from inhouse cordless to GSM cellphones or VoIP, as well as use the Internet for phone directories and other content. For more information, visit the Switzerland-based DECT Forum at www.dect.org. An additional resource is www.dectweb.com.


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Slingbox PRO HDSlingbox PRO HD
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brother mfc-7860dw Brother Mono Laser MFC-7860DW
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Lenovo Notebook Y580Lenovo Notebook Y580
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Logitech TV Cam HDLogitech TV Cam HD